Expanded version with more than twice the number of levels, gamepad controls and much more is now available on Itch.io and Steam!



Wizard's Way Out is a puzzle game about an underachieving Wizard who falls into a well. Deep underground awaits a forgotten prison, and the only way out is to go through the slumbering guards. With the help of a trusty Ratbug sidekick you must use your limited telekinetic knowledge to push and pull your way out of the darkness and return to the surface.

CONTROLS: Mouse input

For the best experience (especially when it comes to audio) we recommend playing the downloadable Windows version OR installing and running the game via the Itch.io launcher.


  • This game saves automatically after completing a level.
    •  If playing on a browser your progress will be saved between sessions
    • When playing the downloadable version, your save file will be stored in %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\Kikimora Games\Wizard's Way Out\
  • MAC/OSX - The game currently won't run in Safari so please use any other browser than Safari (e.g. Chrome). 
  • IF you have problems with poor performance while playing in browser please try one or more of the following things;
    • Close other tabs
    • Restart your browser
    • Download and run the game executable

BUGS - IF you have issues with the game please consider emailing us (support@kikimora.games), describing the issue in as much detail as possible (what browser you are using, steps to reproduce, etc) and we'll do our best to figure it out and hopefully solve it (If relevant to the issue you are experiencing please try to include a screenshot or video recording).


Follow us on Twitter - @kikimoragames

@knivspark - Game Design, Level Design, Art

@BrJackMcPuff- Sound Design

@TheOrioli - Programming

Updated 28 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
AuthorsKikimora Games, TheOrioli, BrJackMcPuff, knivspark
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Hand-drawn, kikimora, Mouse only, prison, Singleplayer, weird, Wizards
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilityOne button


Windows 42 MB
Version v1.2.0-435d66a Sep 01, 2021

Install instructions

How To Run The Downloaded Game (Windows);

  1. Unpack the archive
  2. Run the executable titled "Wizard's Way Out"
  3. Click the "More info" button
  4. Click "Run anyway"

Development log


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Wizard’s Way Out (Full Game)


Solid playthrough! Thanks for sharing!


I really liked this game! Took me quite a while because the puzzles were a bit challenging, but nothing my extra large brain couldn't handle. Keep it up!

Well puzzled! Thank you!


I find level 5 to be unbeatable can somone help me

Ah yes, these puzzles can get quite tricky! Have you tried the "HELP" button? It's not a guarantee it'll help but worth trying if you haven't already. Otherwise if you want to find the solution for it I have seen videos on youtube playing the game and beating a couple of levels, including this one!


I loved this so much! The visuals were the best part of a perfect game, and this lovable puzzler was gentle and forgiving enough to let even me, who is terrible at puzzles, get a fun challenge! 11/10 I still love ratbugs and wizards

Thank you SO much for the kind words! This made my day <3


It was a great puzzle!


Happy to hear you enjoyed it, thank you!


pls, let there be a sequel :]

(if you can't come up with something just let it be I don't mind, rather leave the game in its best state than ruin it with a sequel)

Very glad to hear that you'd like to see a sequel :D whether or not that'll happen is an unknown at this time, and no promises, but hearing stuff like this definitely puts the idea in one's head!


should've seen that ending coming xD


Classic hollywood ending :D

(1 edit) (+2)

i'm stuck at lvl. 12  :'D  the clue gave me a bit of a direction but not enough


nevermind, i got past it  xD


You did it! nicely done!

Show post...


THANK YOU so much ^-^ glad you like it!


loved your game but i'm a squirrel

Thank you <3 and that's ok, in fact, being a squirrel seems pretty neat to me! 


fun little puzzler. just when i started to trust the ratbugs, they had to show they were evil... well it looks like we will need a geat hero to fix this! why are you looking at me? i flunked out of wizard college.


All these people failing the college of wizardry, sounds to me like professors are the problem, not the students 🤔 Thanks for playing!


was sort of presenting this as a fix what you made argument, but chances are our guy would need to rack up even more magical student debt to have a chance against the ratbugs, so perhaps somebody with alot more skill and talent must save the day. who am i kidding if anyone will save the day its somebody who is totally unqualified to do so.


Hiii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to give you some feedback, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The concept of the game is really good :)

-Visually the game feels really unique and looks awesome :)

-The gameplay mechanics are pretty well thought, and the difficulty pregression is really good.

-The characters have very fun and interesting dialogues ^^

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Heyo! That's awesome! ^_^ Thanks for the kind words, feedback and video!


You are welcome ^_^


havent finished the game yet (im stuck on stage 8 haha) but this game is really fun! I'm playing on browser and the game runs super smooth and not to mention the graphics are really nice, I love the style!! the puzzle format is really intriguing and makes me think "HOW DID I EVEN DO THAT" sometimes XD anyways, great game! will defo come back to finish all the levels :)


Yeah that one is tricky, haha! If you haven't already, consider clicking the "HELP" button in the bottom right corner, maybe the hint there will nudge you in the right direction! Thanks for the kind words, really glad to hear that you are enjoying the game! ^_^