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Solve the puzzle of decomposition

Dead things don't disappear by themselves. Millions of microscopic organisms live and die to perform one of nature's most common acts. The body of a recently deceased rat is on the menu and you are here to take part in the feast.

  • Split microbes in two! Splitting divides them but they are strong and capable when they work together.
  • Attack and destroy your enemies!
  • Push things around as you see fit! If your enemies get crushed in the process, all the better!
  • A microbe's life is short and limited, make sure to spend it wisely.


Keyboard / Mouse 

Note: The entire game can be played using only mouse input.


Talk To Us

If you are experiencing issues with the game please consider emailing us at support@kikimora.games, describing the issue in as much detail as possible, and we'll do our best to figure it out and hopefully solve it. If relevant to the issue please try to include a screenshot or video recording.

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Website https://www.kikimora.games/

Twitter - @kikimoragames 

@knivspark - Game Design & Level Design

@BrJackMcPuff - Sound Design & Music

@Rymdlejon - Art & Animation

@TheOrioli - Programming


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Version v1.0.3-69b7dd2
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Just completed the last level and....what a gem of a game this is! Never before has decomposition been so cute and fun! Only thing I would have liked is for some more levels.

Congratulations, guys, I will be following your work!


Thank you! We're very glad you had fun with our weird little game!

If you feel like playing something similar we have released another puzzle game with similar mechanics https://kikimora.itch.io/wizards-way-out 


Level 1: Cool, I can move!
Level 3: Friendship with move has ended, now divide is best friend

Great game tho, had a lot of fun playing it!


Ah yeah this game is all about that splitting :D I mean, why simply move around when you can split in two, right?  Really glad to hear that you liked the game! Cheers \o/


I got stuck on the last level for a while, because I completely forgot that you can directly attack and was so focused on crushing the opponent cell lol, very enjoyable game tho!

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Awesome game. Stuck on level 11. Beat it! <3

Loving the music. It doesn't get repetitive and pushes me to try to solve the problems. 

Keep up the good work guys!


Well played mattgamer! Thanks for the kind words <3


Very fun puzzle game that has a very balanced difficulty. Great job. Keep up the good work! 

Thanks for the kind words and video! \o/

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Good Job guys! Especially the second to last level! The last one is possible to solve without the bottom right guy, dunno if it is intended!


Thanks Aledroid 😉 Hope you recognized some of the levels you designed back in the day, we modified a lot of them, but the core is still there 😁

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Thanks Ale!

I see :o that's a good find! I'd love to see a recording of that solution if you don't mind sending it to me via e.g. discord. I'm super curious to see how you did it!


Hey there, just played to the last level and I just can't solve it. Seems like the microbe on the left should be a two action one... really curious if it is doable like it is.

A blast to play regardless!


Hey! The artist here. Thank you for your comment. I'll leave giving clues to our game designer, but I can guarantee that it's doable!


Hey Mad0 o/ Glad to hear that you are enjoying the game! Now, this level is a bit... special. I believe it would be more satisfying for you to figure it out by yourself, BUT if you really want a clue/hint feel free to send me a DM on e.g. Twitter (@knivspark) or Discord (knivspark#2000) and I'll see what I can come up with.


Finally got it, i guess it was a case of looking too much at something that you make a frame for the solution you are searching for.